Generation I

Thomas Craigo was born about 1769 in Ulster, Ireland. He died in OH.

Courtesy of Casey Hawkins:

"In 1793, Thomas and some neighbors left Pennsylvania on keel boats and floated down the Ohio River to the Scioto and up it to where Piketon, Ohio now stands.

Thomas and a Mr. Slaven built a mill on the Scioto River and operated it there. There was an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer about it in the Early 1800s. The mill was built on two large dugouts with a wheel in between. It would be tied to a tree in swift water so that the wheel would turn and the grinding would be done in that manner. The mill would be moved up and down the river to various stations as the need was warranted.

At times, Thomas would be accused of taking more than his share of corn. To clear himself, he told his customers that the mill was so slow he could not afford to wait on it. His practice was to throw up a grist in the morning and go about his business during the day. He said that crows, black birds, and squirrels would come and eat a portion of the corn during the day, and he could not be held accountable for the missing corn. He said that if his customers did not like the way he did business, they could take their business somewhere else - there wasn't another mill."

He married an unknown daughter of John Pertie.

Their children were:

George Craigo (born about 1792 in OH)

Thomas Craigo

John Craigo

James Craigo

Deborah Craigo



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